I couldn't recommend Jonah more highly. He's shot a number of cover stories for our publication, always high quality, timely and of good value. He has a unique and rare ability to put subjects at ease. He knows what he's doing technically and he always provides our production people with what they need, when they need it. Above all, Jonah is a genuine pleasure to work with. For all these reasons, we emphatically hire Jonah again and again and again.

- Gil Weinreich
  Senior Editor
  Research Magazine

Jonah Light was hired to do a shoot of me for an article in a high-end business magazine. He put a lot of effort and expertise into the composition of each picture. This was by far the best shoot that I've ever had. I've continued using these photos for other publicity needs and people continously remark about their quality. I have recommended Jonah to others who have been equally as happy, and I would strongly recommend him for any professional photography project.

- Raphael Lapin
  Negotiation Specialist
  Conflict Management, Inc

Jonah is a pleasure to work with. He is very accommodating and has consistently produced great images for many of our clients websites.

- Richard Parr
  CEO & Creative Director
  Executionists, Inc.

Jonah's portrait, lifestyle and editorial work reflect an amazing ability to make the personalities in his images feel comfortable and willing to share their story with him. I've known Jonah for years and I'm always amazed at the quality and care he gives to each assignment.

- Rick Gayle
  Owner, Rick Gayle Studio
  Rick Gayle Studio, Inc.

Jonah Light has handled all of our photography needs. He is complete a pleasure to work with, and has produced great images for us. I recommend him without hesitation!

- Harry Nelson
  Managing Partner
  Fenton Nelson, LLP

Something you won't see by looking at Jonah's portfolio is the man behind the work. Jonah is a dedicated professional and very passionate about his craft. I had the pleasure of working with him on two projects and both campaigns turned out great.

- Prentice Howe
  Creative Director
  Door Number 3

Jonah has done extensive work for a non-profit I am involved in, Aish HaTorah, and his work is always first rate and very creative.

- William Gross
  Keller Williams Reality
  Broker Associate

Expansion Media hired Jonah to accomplish the impossible. We had a conference with some 45 companies and their CEOs and CTOs and we needed gorgeous head-shots and videos of all of them within 2 days. Jonah not only perfectly organized and executed the tasks at hand, but the process was even (dare I say) enjoyable. Jonah is creative, talented, personable, reliable and willing to do whatever it takes to make his clients happy while producing great images.

- David Andrew Goldman
  Global Communications Director
  Expansion Media, LLC

As a videographer, I work with many photographers. Jonah Light excels in all aspects of his field - artistry, personable, follow-through. He is passionate about what he does, and he makes the picture-taking process enjoyable. The corporate headshots he provided for us have been extremely helpful in presenting a professional image to our clients.

- Daniel Jankovic
  Jankovic Productions, LLC

Jonah Light is one of the most talented and creative photographers I know. Over the past 10 years I have seen his career blossom and his work get better and better. His skill and ability are well matched with his keen insight into a client's needs. He is a person of impeaccable character and I would recommend him without reservation to anyone.

- Errol Gerson
  The Gerson Group Consultants

Jonah did all the work for our company's online and printed materials, and he was such a pleasure to work with. All of his work is first rate and artistically fantastic. He's so easy to work with. Integrity was totally there. He wants satisfied clients and works his best to make sure you're happy.

- Moshe Firestone
  Life Insurance Specialist
  Horowitz & Firestone

Jonah is a professional in the true sense of the word - his work is impecable and his passion about what he does comes across through the final product of each job.

- Itai Klein
  The Phan Law Group

If you want a fun and easy to deal with photographer who takes great shots, hire Jonah. If you want a creep who takes blurry pictures of you in a cashmere sweater, go to a mall.

- Tom Hamling
  Senior Writer